World stroke day October 29th stay one step ahead of your health with the Quest Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter, and should you get one to warn of COVID-19

14 million people suffer from Strokes worldwide each year and 5.5 million will die as a result right now about 80 million people all over the world are living with the aftermath of a stroke do to cover butt we say that up to 90% of Strokes could be prevented by addressing small numbers of risk including hypertension diet smoking and exercise we have a few gadgets that will help you to prevent Strokes.

 Be one step ahead of your health with the Quest Pulse Oximeter, 3-in-1. The Quest Pulse Oximeter, 3-in-1, is a finger pulse oximeter that measures your oxygen saturation (SpO2) heart rate (BPM), and blood flow, so you can be secure in maintaining proper oxygen levels in your body, as well as your pulse rate any time of day. This lightweight portable Quest oximeter takes fast, non-invasive measurements at the fingertip. The Quest oximeter is ideal for sports, aviation, and personal use. Most pulse oximeters give visual as well as audible readings of both pulse rate and oxygen saturation. The Quest Pulse Oximeter, 3-in-1 also measures the perfusion index (PI). This premium feature is important because the perfusion index shows the arterial pulse signal strength 

 The Quest Family Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Pediatric Probe measures SpO2 (percentage of oxygen saturation in the blood) and pulse rate with accuracy and ease. A dual-capable product, the Family Fingertip Pulse Oximeter allows for standard adult use and optional child use through a pediatric probe attachment.