What to Wear on New Year’s Eve

Sequins, Sequins. Sequins


Leather ,Leather, Leather

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It’s New Year’s a time to lite a little sparkle in to the new year. What to wear for new years has been on your mind since Christmas. Whether you’re stepping out for a night in Vegas , New York of LA fancy, black-tie affair (men think sleek tuxedo) just hang out with friends . We at syl will help you find the perfect outfit.

Here are our picks sequin to ring in New Year.

1. Sequins top. The most versatile way to wear sparkles on New Year’s Eve and every other day of the year, sequin top is perfect for a simple pop of shine

Wayf Sequin Chiffon Surplice Top
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For the big night out, pair with a structured blazer, a plain or plaid skirt, some fabulous tights and shoes you can walk in. If pants are more your speed, make sure the denim creates clean lines as you have all the attention on top already, and top it off with a sweater or blazer.

2. Sequins dress. This cocktail-party classic has recently seen a resurgence in the fashion scene. Nothing says New Year’s like being covered in sequins. Make sure your shift dress is not skin-tight (shimmer needs room to breathe) and the sequins cover the entire dress. Keep your legs covered and warm with some awesome tights because after all, there is a foot of snow on the ground.

3. As a skirt. A sequin skirt is like a secret weapon in your wardrobe arsenal. Match it with a chambray shirt and boots for a mid-week pick-me-up or with a fitted top, tights and heels to ring in 2014. Don’t be afraid of vibrant color in your skirt – emerald green and copper are staples that will carry you through the rest of the new year – and make sure the sequins cover the whole skirt.

4. As a jacket. You may think a sequin jacket screams Vegas showgirl, but with the right pieces, this will become an essential part of your wardrobe. Choose the color of this blazer carefully – stick with either navy or black – and pair with colored pieces. Maroon pants with a black-and-white top under a black sequin blazer is extremely sharp and shows off fall’s oxblood color trend by wearing it successfully into winter.

5. As pants. Ah, the coveted sequin pants. Successfully wearing sequin pants hinges on the structure of the pants. Stay away from skin-tight or full-length pants and instead opt for a baggier harem-shape. Make sure you wear them with sky-high heels.

6. Accessories. If you’re not ready to go all the way with a major piece of bling, start with a fantastic headband, a huge cocktail ring, a purse or some sequin shoes. All of the above can be worn with virtually anything so experiment with what you have and don’t leave the house until you feel like a movie star.

7. Shoe

To balance out these very bright spots in your wardrobe, pair with a subdued and structured top; a subtle stripe is the most you’ll want on top.

8. Sequin Leggings: