Tricks On How to Using your Curling Wand

Using a curling wand can be a great way to add volume and curls to your hair. Before using the wand, make sure to brush your hair thoroughly to remove any tangles or knots. It is also a good idea to apply a heat protectant spray to your hair to prevent damage from the heat.

To begin, select a small section of hair and wrap it around the wand, starting at the root and working your way down to the ends. Make sure to hold the hair taut as you wrap it around the wand to ensure that the curl is tight and defined. You can choose to wrap the hair around the wand in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, depending on the desired curl pattern.

Once you have wrapped the hair around the wand, hold it in place for a few seconds before releasing it. The longer you hold the hair, the more defined the curl will be. You can also use a hair clip or hair spray to hold the curl in place while you work on the rest of your hair.

Once you have curled all of your hair, you can use a hairbrush or your fingers to gently comb through the curls and create a more natural, tousled look. You can also use hair spray or a hair oil to give your curls a glossy finish and help them stay in place throughout the day.

Using a curling wand can take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, it can be a great tool for creating a variety of different curls and waves. Just be sure to use it with caution and always follow the instructions to avoid any accidental burns or damage to your hair.

A curling wand makes waving your hair much easier. In no time at all you can create glamorous curls for a big night out or beachy textures for everyday. The possibilities are endless and only depend on how well you understand the different things you can do with this contemporary quick-fix tool. Knowing what a curl will look like when you take it off the rod is the first step, and will help you better plan out the prep for a range of styles. For an easy guide on shaping a variety of ribbons, twists, and turns, click the notes. –– Kelly Rowe


Flat Wrap: As it sounds, the hair is wrapped around the wand with no twisting and turning; it lays completely flat. This style wrap with give a ribboning effect and is best for big classic curls and prepping hair for updos.

Twisted Wrap: In this wrap the section of hair is completely twisted around itself, and then wrapped around the wand. When this curl is loosened it breaks apart giving a softly deconstructed look. This style is great for natural-looking curly and wavy textures.

Half and Half: A half flat and half twisted wrap is going to be the softest. This is great for creating beachy textures and vintage looks.

TIP: For the most natural look go for a mixture of all three styles. Perfectly uniform curl patterns do not happen in natural hair, so mixing it up will make it appear that you woke up, rolled out of bed, shook your head, and discovered the world’s sultriest waves…