Threading vs Waxing

Threading vs Waxing

eyebrows are a beautiful feature, one that some women, tend to bypass.

They say that the eyebrows are the frames to our faces

Why threading and not waxing?


Threading eyebrows is becoming the method of choice for many over waxing, Threading uses a string to remove hair, whereas a wax-based resin is placed on the skin and then taken off to rid hair with waxing. Threading is an ancient method of eyebrow shaping and hair removal, which originated in India. Compared to waxing, pulling hair with threading is smooth and natural therefore less painful. Another advantage is that top layers of skin are not peeled. People with sensitive skin would find threading more helpful as threading does not cause breakouts or redness. With waxing, your skin can peel or burn after the application. Threading is also hygienic as new thread is used per person. threading is a lot more efficient as for the hair doesn’t grow back as fast because it rips the root out

What is threading?

Threading is method of hair removal. Though originated in the Indian subcontinent, it is widely used in Middle and Far East. Recently, it has been gaining popularity among women in Western countries.

 Wax Vs Threading The Big Debate.

How does it work?

To remove hair precisely, pure cotton thread is twisted into double strand, which is used to remove row of hair that will create clean and more precise hairline.

Threading Eyebrows, Product Free Hair Removal

No Chemicals. Threading solely uses a string to remove the hair, unlike waxing that contains resins and preservatives. Artificial fragrances and ingredients are a foe to many with sensitive skin.
According to,Eyebrow threading is a cheaper option as compared to waxing. While eyebrow waxing can set you back by $12, threading your brows can cost somewhere around $7, so it does not pinch your pocket too much.
Eyebrow Threading Instructions


Hot waxing can lead to hyper pigmentation or dark patched on the eyes especially if you dont apply spf the week after the procedure is done.

Wax Vs Threading The Big Debate.
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Why both methods tug the skin at the delicate skin around your eyes and mouth, threading spares the skin between your hair follicles

Eyebrow Threading Instructions

To begin with you would need a cotton thread and a skin toner. Now let’s start.

Cut a piece of cotton thread in way that you get a 24-inch strand. Follow this up with tying the ends in such a way that a circle is formed.
Coil the thread around all the fingers and thumb of both the hands and then open them. Then, using your fingers and thumb, transform the circle of the thread into a rectangle in front of you.
Around the center twist the thread approximately 10 times. Now with your hands in front of you and apart, the string should look something like the alphabet ‘X’ with the center being the twisted portion.
The twisted portion of the thread must be pushed to the right by the extension of the thumb and fingers of your left hand. Simultaneously, close the fingers of your right hand to the thumb.
Repeat the earlier step by switching hands. Do this till you attain an ease in doing this.
Position the thread on the skin while ensuring that the twisted portion of the thread is just to the side of the hair you want to get rid of. Follow this by gently moving the twisted part of the thread along the skin in a sideways motion in order to capture the hair. The sideways motion could either be left or right, which ever way you are more comfortable. Once you trap the hair in that twist, just pull them out.