The New Wave Of Skateboarding Boardless Boards

The Boardless Skateboard is a radical new concept in self-propelled transportation! Simply place your feet inside the two rolling units and skate away with a natural “wave” motion. There are no batteries or motors to charge: large radius wheels rotate sideways around your feet for a smooth and stable ride over pavement or short grass. It’s like a cross between a skateboard and inline skates, but there’s never any need to push off the ground. Max. weight capacity 250 lbs. Light assembly required. Available in Black/White. Ages 10+.

A boardless skateboard, also known as a “footboard,” is a type of balance board that allows users to simulate skateboarding movements without the use of a traditional skateboard deck. Instead, users stand on a platform with one or two flexible “wobble” boards attached to it, which allows them to perform tricks and stunts similar to those done on a skateboard. Boardless skateboards can be used to improve balance, coordination, and core strength, and are often used by skateboarders as a training tool. They are also popular with people who are interested in skateboarding but don’t want to invest in a traditional skateboard.

The Boardless Skateboard is a new concept in wheeled sports. The idea is simple: two feet, two wheels… just step in and you’re ready to ride!

• Self-propelled transportation

• Moves with a natural “wave” motion

• Lightweight, only 3 lbs.

• Compact design for portability

• Capable of countless maneuvers

• No batteries or motors

• Rides on pavement or short grass

• One size fits most

• Max. weight capacity 250 lbs.

• Light assembly required

• Available in Black/White color combo

• Includes carrying strap

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