The Head wrap Master Designer Jfrassini Scarves And Wraps

People from all over the world flock to Venice Beach to get their hands on one of “J Frassini’s “handmade quality head wraps. These hand crafted head wraps are finally available for purchase online. They have many uses and fit a wide variety of hair styles and great for bad hair day . Here are a few pictures featuring just a handful of the beautiful people who have become smiling customers and friends.


Whether you have long curly hair, or a shaved head, our handmade Head Wraps are cool, yet meticulously designed to keep you looking cool. They are made from 100% imported Italian cotton, which means they’re soft, silky, flexible, and oh so easy to tie. Perfect for people with dreadlocks, motorcycle riders, joggers, weight lifters, chemo patients, African wraps, and even religious custom

Ready to buy a Head Wrap now? Then visit the website. to get yours in all colors

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