How to do t-shirt laddering


Our cut up back tee shirt is cut up to show off your sexy back. Tee shirt with cut up back from the neck to the waist is a sexy top that feels comfort.


Get your old t-shirt It has to be 100% cotton. Now, if you have plain t-shirts which bores you every so and then, you could do some basic t-shirt laddering to spice it up. Simple to do and no sewing is required! First off, get your materials ready. cut off the sleeves and neckline…keep the fold the t-shirt side seam to seam…pull the front out andcut horizontal lines..start cutting about 6″ below the neckline..and stop at the bottom the seam.
The horizontal lines should stop about 3″ from the side seams…refer videos.
you needn’t worry about it being straight…it wouldn’t matter.

1. The t-shirt that you would like to revamp.
2. A ruler longer than the average 15cm.
3. A pencil, preferably non-mechanical ones.
4. A scissors, preferably cloth scissors.