Small Studded Earrings for all Occasions

How to wear Stud Earring

A recent fashion and beauty craze brought back from a classier time Stud earring. wearing studs just suddenly seemed so much simpler and easier compared to dangle earrings and hoops. So now I’m on a lookout for studs. I want them simple, but not boring
Those Big hoops add too much of a busy distraction to your head. Or when you’re wearing a loud top with sequins, a big collar or a turtleneck. Or if you have on a statement necklace, studs offer a complementary–not competing–earring option. Or sometimes you just feel in the mood for something sweet and simple, in which case the stud is oh-so-sophisticated and charming When should you choose studs over a bolder, dangler earring style? Well, there are a few times:

You’re the type who looks effortless but always on-trend