Sporting Jacket With Sexy Dress

Monte strives to look professional. “I already look young,” she says. “I’ve had clients ask if I was an intern. I don’t want them to be like, ‘Who is this person that I am trusting with my housing situation and my life?’” Ahead, she shows us five go-to outfits, including a fun weekend look…

Topshop. One day, on a whim, I checked out the men’s section, and they had really great blazers and sweaters. I found this jacket there, too. The key to wearing men’s clothing is to make all your other clothes form-fitting, so you’re not swimming in your outfit.

When I go to meeting, I don’t like wearing a suit; it feels tight. So, as a way around it, I’ll wear a sheath dress with a blazer, and so do most of my female colleagues. A blazer is the key to making anything — even a sweater and leggings — look professional. The men come to meeting  wear suits, but change into khakis and button-ups when they get back to the office.