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How to Rock White Jeans

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How to Rock White Jeans

I wear white jeans year round. I never put them away come Labor Day that a myth. White Jean offers you a crisp clean feeling from your basic blues jeans There a easy and comfortable way to lighten your look come summer with a little color or no color at all. they can be worn with and top ,vest, blazer, swim top ect. I wear my white jeans with a ripped T-shirt and some colored Converse Chucks on the weekend

Let find those favorite pair of skinny or flare at fits all shape and sizes ,my favorite are Levi’s  white jeans, the super-slim pair by  guess in which i rock by, fitted top, oversize sweater or tank top.  Top your outfit with a classic look  with basic white sneakers or sandals , boots or slides, for a cool, casual effect that’s very up to date

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