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In 1916, Keds created an American Classic:

Before there was nike, Pro keds was my sneaker choice. I’m a big fan of Pro-Keds I still appreciate the solid details and creative work when I see it. ked give your casual wardrobe a retro makeover with asense of new style in sneaker from PRO-Keds. With prices ranging between $50 to $100 execute your best moves in this classic sneaker from PRO-Keds. checkout this clever reto-concept, classic executed video by Pro-Keds lookbook. don’t sleep on these Sneaker there hot

PRO-Keds Lookbook from PRO Keds on Vimeo.


PRO-Keds Authentic Footwear is proud to debut our line: Old School Meets New School

Pro-Keds Men’s Royal Plus Hi Sneaker
The Royal Plus sneaker from Pro-Keds offers the retro-inspired lace-up boot to match your casual attitude. Its smooth leather upper keeps things practical, and a sturdy outsole offers protection. You’ll also love its sporty striping details.

PRO-Keds® History
n 1916, Keds created an American Classic: In 1949, PRO-Keds was established by Keds as an athletic footwear line primarily aimed at basketball.
–The first PRO-Keds product was the classic Royal, a canvas basketball shoe in high and low tops featuring a distinctive red and blue power stripe adjacent to the toe. Over time, new styles were added across the categories of baseball, football, tennis, track and field. Items utilizing exclusive shock-absorbent support and cushioning techniques were also developed to keep pace with the rapid advancements in footwear technology.
–By the Late 1970′s PRO-Keds had become synonymous with some of the biggest names in basketball history and professional sports, and attained cult status as the first real sneaker with style among New York City’s early hip hop community.
–The 1990′s saw PRO-Keds flourish in Japan, where the tennis shoe, the Court King, was reworked in vibrant toecap colors, special materials and limited edition prints. Many of these items are highly sought after by collectors.
–In 2002 PRO-Keds re-issued the classic Royal Canvas, the Court King and the historic Royal Master basketball shoe.
–Stocked in leading sneaker stores across the world, PRO-Keds will progressively release authentic sports originals..

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