Minx Nails It

Mani-pedi madness has hit these days thanks to the latest long lasting low dry time treatment. The last fad in nail fashion. Beyonce, Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian. Lili Allen are fans of these flexible film nail covering my fave minx’s metallic finish which add serious drama to any look. They’re such low maintenance- you can swim, do the dishes, they are so resilient.

Minx is a nail covering offered in several different solid colors including, zebra stripes, chrome, metallics, alligator skin and just about anything else that makes you cool and hip. You can apply it to your toes or hands!

How to apply

  1. Clean bare nail with alcohol wipe to remove oils
  2. Size Minx to nail and preheat, either rub to warm or use the Minx Heat
  3. Apply heated Minx to nail with rounded end close to the cuticle, tapping lightly to place
  4. Use orangewood stick to press Minx on the nail around the edges to adhere without air bubbles
  5. Fold the Minx over the edge of nail & use crystal file to remove excess
  6. File in a vertical, downward motion to avoid lifting issues
  7. Place fingers in front of heat and apply pressure to ensure adhesion & remove any bubbles