Mark Nason

Mark Nason

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the Buckley motorcycle Boots the sculpted Italian leather overnight bag embossing distinctive of Mark Nason Classic is how Mark Nason likes his boots and his rock. I’m a huge fan of music in general and a product of the 1970s, says the shoe designer. Real music to me is Zeppelin.

Nason even traveled to London this past December to catch the Led Zeppelin charity reunion concert. It was the coolest day of my life, he says. I bonded with Robert Plant and got to know Jason (Bonham, son of the late drummer, John).

And Nason infuses his love for classic rock into his shoe designs for men and women.

Four years ago, Nason introduced a men line of boots, handcrafted in Italy with a rock edge that allows a person to express themselves. A womencompanion collection called Siren by Mark Nason was officially launched this past fall with accessories such as bags and, of course, boots.