Pole Dancing Workouts

Women all over America have taken up the art of exotic pole dancing. Many have discovered that it is an incredible workout that is an incredibly fun way to burn calories. Of course, along the way many women have also discovered that it is naughty, sexy, empowering fun. Whether you are dancing for fun or you are a professional, Hussy carries the best portable stripper pole gear in the world. These are sturdy, safe poles that can be moved from place to place or simply put away when you are not using them. Hussy carries both X-Pole and Lil Minx Pole

Has your love life lost a little bit of its lust? Are your kids putting a strain on your marriage? Spice your love life up with a dance pole from Lil Mynx. Dance poles aren’t just located at gentlemen’s clubs anymore. With a portable pole, you can put on a sexy display for your husband, boyfriend, or significant other where ever and whenever you want.

Fans include Teri Hatcher, Pamela Anderson, Kate Moss and Heather Graham. This fitness craze has well and truly arrived in New Zealand with classes for those who are keen to limber up. It’s a great cardio workout, which focuses on your arms, legs and stomach. It can be quite hard to master all the moves so be prepared to laugh at yourself! But if you stick with it you will get seriously toned!

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