Liquid Chalk

Summer is here and I love adding a little splash of color to hair. I thought about using Liquid Chalk would be a fun way to add some color to my hair without damaging or destroying my natural curl. I really like the colors, but it does not wash out quickly. I’m 4 washes in and still have purple hair.

Great buy and review from:@sisagirlcurls photo-credit
This color actually surprised me once i applied it to my hair and it dried, but I love it nonetheless. I also love the fact that when I shampoo my hair, the color comes right out, and I can use a different color. I’m totally looking forward to trying more colors since this process was super quick and easy. (Video coming soon)Subscribed to there channel for more tip on hair care
Liquid Chalk

How to apply
most important wear protective gloves chalk will stain your finger.(hard to remove)
be careful when applying try not get on your scalp area
wash your hair right after applying this to the hair

Liquid Chalk</em>

get it at Sally’s :Great buy