Layers Clothes Are back

Discover the power of layer playful colors and flavor combination like wild strawberry ,tangy citrus and green apple, golden pin apple.or just choose complementary color.

Living in new york you become a pro on how to layer clothes during the cold months, Its an art that you have to learn to survive during hard winters,* and still look somewhat fashionable or trendy.
By start with long tops and tights,jegging,leggings over my regular underwear. Materials that are blended with cashmere, angora , wool are worth the investment. throw own pea coat or leather jacket.

Regardless of the shoes a nice pair of thin socks that won’t look bulky with open toed boots or heels – and can even add another dimension to the outfit . Thermals are great but not always ideal if you’re going for a “lighter” often they create a bulky look

tips take your favorite dresses for the summer to the fall by layering it with a long sleeve to underneath

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