Is Your Handbag Killing Your Back


The Right Handbag for today’s  Busy Woman


the Saying “Beauty Hurts”

IS REAL   Your Handbag Killing You

Let Us  help  you Get the Right Handbag for the Busy Woman

There nothing worst than a over size handbag . The bigger the handbag the more stuff you will carry. Is it an overstatement of feminist independence: that not only do we not need anyone’s money, but we don’t need anything from anyone at all, given that we now carry the contents of a personal items with us at all times? The New York Times came out with several articles and blogs about the hazards of big bags. Oprah’s magazine O ran a piece called “Shop Smart:  Can handbags and shoulder bags cause back pain? carrying  8 to 10 pounds of  old bills and make up  in your purse may cause problems in two ways back and shoulder pain. Carrying a heavy load on one side of your body could lead to pain and muscle spasms in the shoulder, neck, or low back, and numbness and tingling in your arms, neck, or mid-back. And compensating for this weight as you walk can lead to its own set of problems

We hear to help  and a guide on finding a handbag that won’t hurt your back. I’m so tried of carrying this oversize bag and searching for my keys and lipstick at the bottom of purse when it time to leave. I now realize how much time I waste rummaging through this bag that cause me to be late to all my events. I’m over looking cute with my handbag it time to be more organized to save time in my busy schedule. So I’m in search of the right bag for the women on go. If your feed up like me I suggest you do the same to stop holding up the line at the stores looking for your credit card or money!!!LOL If found some nice stylist bags that will fit my need take a look.


!. FANNY PACKS AND BELT BAGS: first design  to hold items during work-out.   then designers  saw need to make them fashionable  these types of bags allow your arms to move freely during walking, which makes them great for long walks around the city


3.CHAIN PURSES &  DRAWSTRING POUCH BAGS : These are smaller bags  in size  just big enough to hold your personal items  across your body will allow you to distribute the weight in a more symmetrical manner, or hand held.

4. CROSS-BODY : The bag across your body, it will help distribute the weight more symmetrically, which will lead to a decrease in postural strain throughout your neck, back, and shoulders.

This gray Prada Vitello Phenix handbag is so practical and goes beautifully with most everyday looks. There are two compartments which is great for separating and organizing. The gold Prada Paris logo looks so elegant with the gray leather. Includes authenticity cards and Prada dust-bag.

6. SMALL SHOULDER BAGS:  These  bags mostly shape like horse shoe  but help decrease the weight you’ll be carrying around  just big enough to care phone and keys wallet.

Miu Miu Prada Women’s Vitello Soft Red Bucket Handbag

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