How To: Pick Your The Correct Color Foundation

Picking the perfect foundation for your skin can be a headache but were here to help your threw the process of fing the perfect match for your skin

Whether you have porcelain white skin or chocolate brown skin, finding the perfect foundation color can be difficult.

But choosing the best foundation color for your skin type is key to looking your best.

1. you always want to test before you buy.

This is why it’s best to get your foundations from department stores rather than from the makeup aisle

Get the right formulation for your skin.
If you’re oily, look for words like “oil-free,” “oil-control” or “mattifying” on the bottle. Got dry skin?
Go for moisturizing foundations with “hydrating” or “moisture-rich” wording on the bottle.

How To: Pick Your Foundation Color

Try the color out on your jawline, not your wrist or hand
Look at the natural color of your skin
Remember that liquid foundation usually looks darker
Choose a foundation with undertones in the shade that matches the undertones of your skin
Color-matching foundation makeup should be at the top of every makeup wearer’s priority list.

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