Dsquared Sunglasses

Dsquared Sunglasses

Classy vintage look

We all know that vintage sunglasses are considerably fashionable these days. So D-squared eye wear is add a class funky style to any outfit. dquared2 are simply beautiful sunglasses! they are above and beyond stylish for both men and women who can easily pull off conservative sunglasses.These glasses a red celebrity accessories for sure. Dsquared² is an iconic fashion brand started by stylish identical twins Dean and Dan Caten.
I recently purchased these hot one for a my trip to Paris. These are truly unique, If you have a small frame face these may be a bit to large.

Bold, big drama sunglasses for shady ladies, Ophelia is a limited edition Dsquared2 sunglasses model embellished with sparkling topaz and crystal jewels. The oversized square rounded lenses in havana hued frames are designed for keeping the wearer’s identity a mystery while shielding her eyes from paparazzi flashes.

Their iconic styles have been worn by the likes of Halle berry, Rihanna, Britney Spears,Tyson Beckford, jlopz,Jessica Simpson and many other. Justin Timberlake and Lenny Kravitz and they’re known for a certain performative edge. If you’re looking to summer-proof your wardrobe, snag some sunnies for the beach or your upcoming trip to the Monte Carlo or just lounging around pool these classy sunshades are a must have

This label’s eyewear line certainly has a flair for the dramatic when it comes to colors, textures and cuts. It is easy to picture many of the label’s top eyewear designs being featured in films and music videos. You might even say that each pair of