Do you have Narcissist Behavior


I honestly do not know what to do with this revelation. All I know is since I have this platform I have a responsibility to share this journey with the world. Understand that I do not mind being vulnerable, but this is very personal. A trait of a narcissist is the overwhelming desire to be perceived a certain type of way + an even bigger desire to make everyone like/ approve of them. So this is kind of scary for me. Waking up to this information this just made me rethink my whole 24 years of existence. It is truly life changing. I realized it affected my life in all areas. Take this journey with me as I break down what’s going on, how my life has been affected by this, how I deal, how I heal, everything. Please keep in mind that I am learning just as you are watching + reading. Keep an open mind + do not judge. Just try to use my pain + struggle to relate to something personal in your life, + try to heal yourself. That is the mission. I open myself up for the world to see my wounds + how I (with the guidance of God, of course) put myself back together. Tune in + buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Until next time, love yourself. Love God first. Peace!


*In this video I talk about how being a narcissist affected my personal life.


*In this video, I talked about being a narcissist directly affected my romantic relationships.