Decluttering Your Makeup Bag

Get a Fresh approach to beauty clean your make-up Bag. Today I looked at my makeup bag it was filled with dried out lipstick, mascara, used shades of powders. I said it s time to do a face-lift on my bag. I got on Internet and gather a little info us lady all need to know. Here it is.

PurseN Classic Makeup Bag in Luscious Red
PurseN Classic Makeup Bag in Luscious Red

There is a time limit for all your makeup

Foundation, concealer, and powder: 2 years

Mascara: 6 months

Lipstick: 12 to 18 months

Eyeshadow: 2 years

Powder or cream blush: 2 years

Moisturizer and sunscreen: 2 years
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Clean your makeup brush: every two to four weeks depending on how often you change brands of powders and blush. Every company use different product in their blend you don’t want to mix the product it causes acne.

Trish McEvoy Makeup Brush Cleaner No Color 4 oz
Trish McEvoy Makeup Brush Cleaner No Color 4 oz

an antibacterial spray-the ideal quick fix for any of your brushes

Lighten your bag: Only keep the essential you need to stay looking fresh always like one powder compact, blush lipstick, gloss mirror, lip liner fresh mascara Throw out old mascara that you had in there for months.


Now that you’ve cleaned up your supplies, store them in an adorable organizer.

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