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Quality Sunglasses from Ray Ban Wayfarer

If want pair shades a little more chic and contemporary rather than vintage. A classic pair of Raybans sunglasses that looks good on almost anybody or outfit you wear.
These vintage inspired shades are insanely cool, functional, and will work for any occasion
The Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer aviator sunglasses have a look that goes back to the time of hipsters and the beat generation. My all time favorite is the sports Ray-bans that feature blue/green mirror polarized lenses. The lenses provide excellent contrast and clarity. compared to the original ray-bans,New Wayfarer bridges are narrower than the originals but they fit snug on my face.

The build quality is even better than I remember. They look and feel incredibly well-made, fit beautifully, and while they have a little bit of heft to them, they’re not heavy at all. They’re solid. And they’re undoubtedly authentic with all of the trademark markings present; the Ray-Ban symbol on the upper corner and the RB engraving, plus the writing on the inside saying that they’re made in Italy. On the other side is information regarding the style and sizing, which is “RB 2132 NEW WAYFARER 901 55[]18 3N” for me as I got the black New Wayfarer with the green G-15XLT lens in 55mm. Included was a brown leather case that snaps closed and a little plastic envelope with a small pamphlet and cleaning cloth.
Thank you Ray Ban for this change in design

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