Being Unapologetic




not expressing or acknowledging regret. You guys know I love to give the definitions of words I use. Especially, when I am trying to make a point. Anyways, that is exactly where I am in my life right now- unapologetic. I am also in the “selfish season” meaning I am focused on myself + the well-being of me + my future. I am not allowing anyone or anything hinder my joy or harden my heart. I am fully reliant upon God so I am not apologizing for any of my actions. I will talk about that later on, but just know, NeNe 2.0 is in full affect.
As you saw on my video, I am only concerned about things that are concerned with me. Anything outside of that is irrelevant. Don’t misunderstand me, now. That doesn’t mean I am only worried about myself + I disregard anything that doesn’t pertain to me. No, no, no. All I am saying is God is in control of my life. God assigns me territory that I am responsible for. With that responsibility comes certain people who are connected to me + my purpose, + vise versa. Because God preordained those people to my life + to be a part of my destiny, obviously I am concerned about those people. I’m not a booty hole. This is basically another way to say, I am staying in my lane. When you stay in your lane, you aren’t worried about the opinions or thoughts of others. To be real, you don’t even hear them because you’re too busy living in your purpose, unless it is brought to you personally. Even then, you have a choice to ignore, + when you’re in your own lane, that is usually the answer.
Now that I have explained my indifference’s when it comes to others, now we can talk about what it means to live unapologetic ally. Okay, as you know, we all have an intuition, an internal knowing. An internal moral system which tells us wrong from right. Some people also refer to this as going with your gut, or following your heart. Whatever you call it, you need to be able to access it easily. Because you are in your own lane, you have no one to check you about your decisions. That’s where that internal knowing comes in- which is God’s way of not only checking you, but guiding you. Once you get that, peace comes along. Then you are free to be you + stop apologizing for who you are + what you know. God gave you those attributes + the wisdom. Stand firm in it + do not waver. Besides, I am totally ready + responsible for the consequences that are attached to my unapologetic actions. I’m mature about it! But never fret, God has your back.
Being unapologetic goes way deeper than having an excuse to be mean to rude to people. It’s actually the opposite. It means knowing who you are, + knowing where your power comes from. Once you get that confidence, you will be unstoppable, unshakable, + unbreakable. In that place you will be content, intentional + confident about the decisions you make, + you won’t listen to others. Only if your are instructed to do so by God. Being unapologetic is an amazing place to be in. It opens up room for growth + the work of God. I pray you get to this place, + soon. Until next time, love yourself. Love God first. Peace!

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