7 easy steps How to do Ombre nails

Ombre nails are a type of nail art design where the color gradually transitions from one shade to another. This can be achieved by painting the nail with different shades of the same color, or by using different colors altogether. Ombre nails are a popular choice for those who want to add some color and flair to their manicure without being too bold or over-the-top. They can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, and are a great way to experiment with different color combinations.

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  1. Start by applying a base coat to your nails to protect them and create a smooth surface for the polish.
  2. Next, apply a light base color to all of your nails. This will be the lightest shade of your ombre design.
  3. Once the base color is dry, apply a strip of tape diagonally across your nail, leaving the bottom half of your nail exposed.
  4. Using a darker shade of polish, carefully paint the exposed bottom half of your nail.
  5. Repeat this process with a darker shade of polish on the bottom half of your nail until you reach your desired ombre effect.
  6. Remove the tape carefully and clean up any excess polish around your cuticles with a nail polish remover pen or brush.
  7. Finish with a top coat to seal in your design and add shine.
  8. Ombre brushes
  9. Ombre Polish

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