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The garage is the one room in your home most likely to become stuffed with clutter. This is a room where “out of sight, out of mind” can become a major problem.

Since most of us spend less time in the garage relative to the rest of the home, it’s easy to let them deteriorate into unorganized, cluttered messes. In fact, one of the biggest reasons garages become so cluttered is that many people use them as a place to store the clutter they clear out of the rest of their home. If you’re fed up with the whirlwind of chaos that is your garage, here are five things you can do to become better organized.

Install Pegboards

Pegboards are one of the most useful organizational tools you can install in your garage. The key lies in their flexibility: Pegboards can support shelves, hooks, baskets, and all manner of custom tool-holders, all in whatever configuration you can dream up. Pegboards put wall space to use and can be cut to fit into odd spaces that have no other use. They’re easy to install and can be found at virtually every hardware store.

Put in Heavy-Duty Shelving

Most of us already have some sort of shelving in our garage, but much of the time, it simply isn’t up to snuff. People often store large, heavy items in their garage, items which most types of shelving can’t hold up. Putting in heavy-duty shelving will not only allow you to take greater advantage of vertical space, but may allow you to get larger, heavier items up off the floor, making your garage easier to get around. Fortunately, this type of shelving is relatively inexpensive, can be found at virtually every home improvement store, and is often extremely easy to build – all you’ll need is a screwdriver.

Hang Overhead Storage Units

If you’re really looking to take advantage of vertical space, you’ll need to go even taller than typical shelves. Here’s where overhead storage units will save the day. These special racks, typically made out of sturdy metal, hang from the ceiling and allow you to make the top 2 to 3 feet of your garage useful. If you’re really in need of getting things out of the way, there’s probably not a better garage storage solution. These overhead racks are best used with plastic bins. However, there are some caveats to overhead storage that you’ll need to be aware of. First, your ceiling will need to be high enough, or you’ll hit your head.

Second, you’ll need to be very careful with installation; otherwise, you risk ruining your garage ceiling. Third, take it easy on the amount of weight you put on these racks – your ceiling can only support so much weight, and heavy items will be dangerous to move on and off these shelves. Finally, make sure you’re physically fit enough to reach these shelves, or have someone who is. Lifting heavy items above your head can, of course, be dangerous.

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