3 Easy Steps to Get the Bobby Pin Look

How to Get the Bobby Pin Look

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most inspiring, like this creative bobby pin placement paired with a side-bun. The V shapes remind me of birds in flight, lending a whimsical edge to the classic shape of an offset twist.

Styles that are heavily weighted on one side can look unbalanced, but the contrasting color and interesting shape of this pin placement equalize the emphasis created by the dynamic knot.

Step1: Apply protective thickening lotion roots to ends and add defrizz serum to tips. Dry hair smooth with a paddle brush.

Step2 : Pull hair back from the face and secure into a low side ponytail. Wrap ends up and around, creating a loose, twisted bun. Secure with bobby pins.

Step3 : Use a contrasting color of bobby pins to make a row of chevrons. Black pins are a good choice for blondes; silver would be better for dark strands. Slide one pin in on a diagonal, then a second pin through the first to create a stable v shape. Repeat until the desired pattern is created.
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