The best full-length mirrors for Perfect Selfie

The best full-length mirrors you can buy there everything you want in a mirror: attractive, long enough to view your entire outfit, and functional.

It’s remarkable how much easier it is to get dressed when you have a full-length mirror at your disposal. It never seems like my outfits quite work when I am trying to style myself without access to my full reflection, shoes included. It’s probably the reason my fashion sense was so weird my first year of college (or, hey, maybe that’s just college).

There are a few factors to consider when shopping for a full-length mirror. First of all, you want to determine which room you’ll put it in and find a style that goes well with the furniture you already have there. You should also think about whether you want additional storage. My bedroom mirror, for example, pulls double-duty as a jewelry cabinet.

But it’s easy to overlook perhaps the most important detail of all: the quality of the glass! A full-length mirror that warps your reflection so you feel like you’re getting dressed in a carnival funhouse is worse than no full-length mirror at all.

So, take stock of your needs before you get shopping and once you’re ready to press “Add to Cart,” read through our list of expert and shopper top picks. You’re almost guaranteed to find one that suits your lifestyle.

Here are the best full-length mirrors you can buy:

1. over-the-door, full-length mirror
2.full length wall mounted mirror
3. standing mirror

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