Man Purses & Bags

The Man-Purse has become a necessity of life for most Celebs they can be seen sporting these bags all over town, ROBERT DOWNEY JR,SEAL,kayne west, bow wow,TERRENCE HOWARD,HUGH JACKMAN


indian jones Man Purses

Well, the actually name is a murse – a man purse. In Paris, you see them all the time, draped over everyone’s arm—from ,business men , gents , homie ,thugs with baggy jeans slunk nike caps twisted sideways carries there man purse. all carrying small messenger bag to hold latest tech gadgets their i pod, laps ,blackberry But these bags offer much more for the on the go business man , journalist, or just basically geek guy that needs to have his technology available at all times., which include my wallet, sunglasses keys if has car

A Messenger Bag. Ideal for carrying a laptop or a multitude of notebooks, it has one main compartment. For males and females, teen-adult,they look great with a variety of outfits. The size and manner in which it is worn are the main differences. A man purse is most obvious in the effeminate way in which one is carried. A man should not show as much care for a bag. I don’t think it should be an extension of his essence, as a purse would be for a woman.(comment) I agree

The difference between a murse and man’s messenger bag? a murse. Its looks hand-made with Italian leather in a briefcase style or latop bags, Their more sexy & masculine looking.Unlike the weekend bag, that are all about on go with hard leather

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