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Sealing the Deal : Lasting Love

Sealing the Deal : Lasting Love Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love Price: $12.23 Through her bestseller, Love in 90 Days, Dr. Diana Kirschner helped thousands of women find true love. Now she has written the perfect follow-up: SEALING THE DEAL, a unique. Relationship Advice Book:…

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One Dress, Countless Looks

Thanks to endless fashion magazines, countless style blogs, and a zillion reality shows on the topic – everyone’s suddenly a fashion expert…which is enough to make any fashion expert contemplate other pursuits. Before it comes to that, simplify! Mal Sirrah recently curated the “One-Dress” project, a collaboration with over 1000…

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Sky Blue

On  my morning  Window shopping stroll I came across this beauty Home Decor at  zgallerie.com 1. Jardin Outdoor/Indoor Pillow 18″ – Aquamarine This fabulous pillow is made of layers of laser-cut petals of polyester oxford, hand-stitched to form a cover of bright Aquamarine and Green flowers. Best of all, the…

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Being Unapologetic

Unapologetic: ‪#‎NeNeWritesLove‬ not expressing or acknowledging regret. You guys know I love to give the definitions of words I use. Especially, when I am trying to make a point. Anyways, that is exactly where I am in my life right now- unapologetic. I am also in the “selfish season” meaning…

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Stone Free Boardshort

In Santa Monica My Saturday thing to due is to wake up take breath of fresh air at beach. But in Sunny Cali on the Board Walk looking your best in a must. The chic or hot so looking fresh is a plus. While shopping this week I came across…

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Paul Frank

In late 1995, a local newsstand employee named Paul Frank began making wallets to promote his band. Made out of scrap vinyl with logos traced from 1950’s lettering books, the individually customized wallets became so popular in Paul’s hometown of Huntington Beach, California that he soon found himself consumed with…

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