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The Perfect Sundress

The perfect little sundress a must have for backyard barbecues,garden party and picnic at the party. Sundress are comfortable and easy to wear around the house. Shapely silhouettes that loosely fit your body for that feminine and Flirty. Most white sundress made out of a soft cotton,linen,so the body can…

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Reinvented Shirtdress

Reinvented Shirtdress Reinvented Shirtdress are the next sensible fashion staple. Arthur S. Levine did a great capsule on Margaret Howell’s dress shirts. She really has a way of sexing up a menswear look, Margaret says “Nothing looks more stylish than a man’s shirt and jeans…back in the eighties it felt…

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Top 5 Berry Lipstick Shades

Berry Lipstick Top 5 Berry Lipstick Shade One great way to break out of your winter rut is through trying some new lipstick colors that work just right for this chilly season. Berry toned lipsticks are great for all seasons & skin tones! These berry color looks delicious. The Incredibly…

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The Oakley brand is the master of manufacturing the best of the best when it comes to sunglasses that boast style and function. They offer a dynamic style array of lenses and frames to suit your different sports and style. New high-tech functions such as MP3 players and blue tooth…

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Sealing the Deal : Lasting Love

Sealing the Deal : Lasting Love Sealing the Deal: The Love Mentor’s Guide to Lasting Love Price: $12.23 Through her bestseller, Love in 90 Days, Dr. Diana Kirschner helped thousands of women find true love. Now she has written the perfect follow-up: SEALING THE DEAL, a unique. Relationship Advice Book:…

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One Dress, Countless Looks

Thanks to endless fashion magazines, countless style blogs, and a zillion reality shows on the topic – everyone’s suddenly a fashion expert…which is enough to make any fashion expert contemplate other pursuits. Before it comes to that, simplify! Mal Sirrah recently curated the “One-Dress” project, a collaboration with over 1000…

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